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Post-trade transparency

Trade Receipts

Markets Invest empowers its clients to make better trading decisions via detailed trade receipts – the same information institutional traders demand.

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Trade receipts
Giving traders unparalleled visibility

Trade Receipts

A trade receipt is more than just a detailed trade confirmation showing fill speed, slippage, spread, market profile, liquidity provider, etc. Trade receipts empower traders with the confidence to make better trading decisions, knowing that we’re on their side.

Trade receipts promote the removal of conflicts of interest between brokers and their clients through ethical and transparent dealing models.

Trade Receipt Detail

What’s in a trade receipt?

How does a trade receipt benefit you?

Knowledge is power

Through the process of analyzing your trading receipts and interacting with our team and clients on Discord, your understanding of how the market works will improve dramatically. You’ll be a smarter and more informed trader that understands the nuances of market microstructure. You can hold on to this knowledge wherever you trade in the future.

Optimising execution

Institutional traders require detailed analytics to assess the performance of their trade execution. This is common practice for FX trading, as execution quality and thus system performance can vary greatly across counterparties and venues. It is through this detailed analysis that institutional traders can determine the optimal method of execution and liquidity for their system.

Trade disputes

If you’ve ever been involved in a trade dispute with a broker, you will have seen some or maybe all of the information in our trade receipts before. The difference is, it takes a few days for the broker to provide, and they’ll only show what’s in their interest to show.

By making this information available instantly, you can easily analyze the execution of any of your trades and contact us if you don’t think it’s up to par.

Keeping your broker honest

If nothing else, trade receipts are how we keep our promise of great execution to you.
The data provided in the trade receipts will give you the ability to engage us so that we can improve our trading environment for the betterment of all clients.
Ever Wondered

Why your broker won't give you a trade receipt?

Frequently Asked Questions

Trade receipts enable clients to query vital trade information directly from within the client portal. A trade receipt reveals all aspects of the trade such as the fill price, execution speed, slippage and importantly, which liquidity provider filled the trade. Clients can also view a tick and spread chart at the bottom of the receipt, providing deeper insight into the level of market liquidity across our liquidity providers at the time of the trade. Ultimately, trade receipts enable total post trade transparency and verification of the details that you care about the most.

In an industry that is filled with brokers who internalise trades and offer no forms of post trade transparency, GP strives to be the benchmark in terms of complete post-trade transparency by enabling you to see the information that you care about most, on demand. It is very easy to make claims with respect to honesty and transparency but trade receipts enable independent verification of our model and values. This feature enables you to be in complete control of your trading information and serves to ensure that you can focus on your trading and not your broker.

Further, having access to this information present on trades receipts on demand enables you to gain unique insight into your trades and can be used to inform trading decisions.

Yes. You can see the total state of the order book at the time of your trade which enables you to see the market depth at the time of your trades. You can also see which LP’s were pricing and the particular quantities available at each tier of liquidity.

You can query trade receipts for any positions via the client portal, select the ‘Trade Receipts’ tab and your positions will be visible.